Travel Different with Abeba Tours Ethiopia

Our goal at Abeba Tours Ethiopia is to offer a wide variety of activities to our guests.  These are meant to enhance your experience in Ethiopia and come to a greater understanding of its people and culture.  We encourage you to browse through these pages and explore the many different opportunities that we are so happy to bring to you.

Travelers Philanthropy
The Ethiopia Travelers Philanthropy Fund was started to give visitors the opportunity to give back to Ethiopia in a responsible way.  The initiative was introduced by the USAID-funded Ethiopia Sustainable Tourism Alliance in conjunction with Sustainable Travel International.  The program supports sustainable tourism development by connecting travelers to projects that improve the environment, boost local incomes, and enhance the destination for future visitors.  The program was offficially launched in June 2012.  We are happy to be one of a few select supporting tour operators bringing this experience to you.


Community-based Tourism

Organizations We Recommend
While we do not support giving handouts (including plastic water bottles) to children or beggars, we do support guests who want to support Ethiopia in some way.  Our clients often ask if we can recommend any organizations in Ethiopia that they can either donate to, bring supplies for or visit while on tour.  Check out a few of the organizations we support and can highly recommend.