Destinations within Ethiopia

With Addis Ababa as the geographical center of the country, exploring is most easily done by region. Pick one or visit them all!

Northern Ethiopia
History and legends abound in the north, offering the visitor a variety of sites to visit, including castles, island monasteries, rock-hewn churches and remains from an ancient civilization. Add to that a trek in the Simien Mountains and an excursion to the Danakil Depression and you've got yourself a holiday!


Southern Ethiopia
People and nature are the order of the day in the south. Wildlife and tribal peoples roam the beautiful landscapes while amazing birdlife, much of it endemic, flies above. Gear up and get ready to explore the real Africa. Lower lip plate optional.


Eastern Ethiopia
The walled city of Harar is always a favorite, with its colorful markets, countless mosques, and courageous hyena men. Stop for a visit at Awash National Park for flora, fauna, and fabulous waterfalls. Don't forget to take a dip in the hot springs of Sodere on your way back.


Western Ethiopia
Western Ethiopia remains the least-explored area of the country, which leaves it all the more open to adventurers, from the Ethiopian highlands to the humid lowlands of Gambella. Coffee lovers - come visit the beverage's birthplace in what used to be the kingdom of Kaffa.


Addis Ababa & surrounds
The place we call home, 'Addis' has plenty on offer. Take in the vistas from Entoto Mountain, visit Lucy at the National Museum and haggle for your favorite item in merkato. This city is bound to keep you busy!