3 Day Trip to the Danakil Depression via Semera

Summary: Salt mining market, caravans of camels, and ¬†the beautiful and colorful¬†Dallol creator. Tours start at:$850.00 (usd)per person Day 1 Fly to Semera and on the same day drive to Kurswad via Afdera. On the way visit lake Afdera. Overnight camping at kurswad. Early in the morning around 3am visit the active Volcano in Ertale […]

4-Day Simien Mountains Trek

This 4-day trek in the Simien Mountains takes you to the highlights of the Simien Mountains National Park.

6 Days Historical Route by Air

Visit the main historical sites in the north of Ethiopia – Bahir Dar, Gondar, Axum & Lalibela in 6 days using domestic flights.

7-Day Simien Mountains trek

This 7-day trek in the Simien Mountains brings you to the peak of Ras Dashen – the highest point in Ethiopia.


September 11 (September 12 in 2011 & 2015) Enkutatash, which means Gift of Jewels is the celebration of the Ethiopian New Year. Ethiopia follows the Julian calendar, which consists of 13 months – 12 months each with 30 days and a final month with 5 days (6 days in leap year). The Julian calendar is […]

Southern Ethiopia

The Omo Valley in southern Ethiopia is increasingly popular, with its varied tribal peoples living virtually untouched by modern society. Witnessing the local practices of living purely from natural resources is a humbling and inspiring experience. The landscape is equally spectacular, as it descends from the highlands, to wet forests, through open savannahs, and eventually to the searing desert lands on the shores of Lake Turkana.

Addis Ababa & surrounds

Addis Ababa is located on a well-watered plateau surrounded by hills and mountains in the geographic centre of the country. With a population of over 3 million people (2007 census), the city is the largest in the country. There are more than 120 international missions and embassies in Addis Ababa, making the city a hub for international diplomacy in Africa.

Eastern Ethiopia

Located in the eastern part of the country, Harar is like no other place in Ethiopia. This walled city dates as far back as the 7th century and was a major commercial crossroads in the region as well as a center for Islamic scholarship.

Northern Ethiopia

The north of Ethiopia holds some of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Learn more about the historical and natural attractions of this country


September 27 (September 28 in 2011, 2015*) Meskel (Finding of the True Cross), is the celebration of the finding of remnants of the actual cross on which Jesus was crucified. The word “meskel” means “cross” in Amharic. According to Christian tradition, St. Eleni (Empress Helena) discovered the hiding place of three crosses used at the […]

Fasika (Orthodox Easter)

April 15, 2012; May 5, 2013; April 20, 2014; April 12, 2015; May 1, 2016 Fasika is Ethiopian Easter and is celebrated in conjunction with Orthodox Easter celebrations around the world. Fasika is the most important holiday in the Ethiopian Orthodox calendar and follows a long 55-day fast, where no meat or dairy products are […]

Timket (Epiphany)

January 19 (January 20 in 2012 & 2016) The Ethiopian celebration of Timket (also known as Epiphany), is a symbolic reenactment of the baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan by John the Baptist. For Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, it serves as a renewal of their baptismal vows. Timket is a two-day festival, starting the day […]

Genna (Ethiopian Christmas)

January 7 Genna is Ethiopian Christmas, and coincides with other Orthodox Christmas celebrations around the world. The feast marks the end of the 40-day fasting period of Advent. On Christmas Eve, the faithful participate in church services through the night before celebrating with family and friends on Christmas day. Lalibela is the most popular place […]

Provide an energy-saving stove to a family in Ziway

SEDA (Sustainable Environment and Development Action) has been working in the Central Rift Valley since 1994, promoting environmentally-friendly technologies complimented by various environmental rehabilitation, livelihood development and community based eco-tourism projects. The area around Lake Ziway has seen great deforestation as the local communities are forced to cut trees either as a source of income or to burn for fuel at home. As a response, SEDA has introduced energy-saving stoves to local families in the region. These stoves burn wood more efficiently, thereby reducing the amount of wood required for cooking. Additionally, they save significant time spent by women and children collecting wood. The stoves are well-vented, reducing smoke and resulting respiratory illness

Tree Planting Experience in Gersale Village, Konso

The Konso Development Association (KDA) is a long-running community-based development organization that facilitates work to sustainably improve the living conditions of the people in the region. The Travelers Philanthropy Fund has partnered with KDA’s efforts to rehabilitate eroded lands in the Gersale village of Konso. The community-based nursery houses thousands of seedlings of different varieties of trees while soil and water conservation activities lay the groundwork for reviving an ecosystem in otherwise harsh ecosystems.

Petit Fute – Ethiopie

Petit Fute (founded 1976) is a series of French travel guides broadly equivalent to the Lonely Planet series in English or the competing French ‘Guides du routard’ series. The series also publishes some works in English, such as Petit Fute Best of France. The term petit fute means “little wily one,” implying in this case […]

Ethiopia Travelers Philanthropy Fund

The Ethiopia Travelers Philanthropy Fund was started to give visitors the opportunity to give back to Ethiopia in a responsible way. The initiative was introduced by the USAID-funded Ethiopia Sustainable Tourism Alliance in conjunction with Sustainable Travel International. The program supports sustainable tourism development by connecting travelers to projects that improve the environment, boost local […]

Gondwana DMCs

Gondwana DMCs is a network of first class destination management companies and tour operators from around the world. Each representative is carefully selected based on their commitment to offering expert travel advice, creative itineraries and personalized service. We have been the Ethiopian representative for Gondwana DMCs since 2011.