Christine & Bernard, USA

My wife and I arranged a four week drive with Abeba Tours. I had researched Ethiopia a lot before and had gone thru and other search engines and Lonely Planet and what kept showing up was Abeba Tours. A well trusted local company. I then contacted some companies and Abeba was the one that got back to me the fastest each time. I chose them from that and the testimonials that said they were easy to work with and very accommodating. We were so happy we did. We have traveled all over the world and have driven ourselves , had drivers, and have been on tours and this trip turned out to be one of our best road trips. Thanks to our driver, Asegid Alemu!! On a four week trip the driver can make or break an adventure. Asegid has a great sense of humor, has a deep knowledge of his country and its’ Religions, he knows a lot about the whole world and he’s a safe driver. We met other Abeba drivers on the road and they all had great personalities. What also made the trip so wonderful was the staff who organized and reserved all the hotels and local side trips. If you want to see Africa, go to Ethiopia!!!! It is all about the people. It’s safe!! The people are enthusiastic to see you and welcome you. Our trip took us from Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar, Lake Tana, Gonder ( Timkat Festival…which was incredible. The most unbelievable experience. And especially if your driver gets Anteane Nigussie as your local guide for the Royal Enclosure in Gonder ( He knows the castles and Gonder in such great detail ) , You will love him. He works in the Fortress area with all the castles ), Simien Mts.( Incredible Mt. scenery and hiking and Baboons that you can sit among, you won’t believe it) , Askum, Mekele, Tigray, Lalibela ( go to the Torpedo Club for some Tej (local wine and local shoulder dancing ..and you will dance), and then at sunset make sure you eat at the incredible Restaurant Ben Abeba..unbelievable view, it is the one at the end of town that looks like a giant flower or space ship, you will love the Scottish expat owner and her Ethiopian partner, but most of all you will love the food ), Awah Falls Nat. Park, and then down to the south to the tribes. We did it all and it went without a hitch, which is hard to accomplish. 30 days in a Toyota Cruiser!!! We didn’t do any flying and had some long drives—but we love being on the road and seeing all the people. We travel a lot and know what to expect and know how to roll with the unexpected. If you engage yourself with the people, return their enthusiasm, don’t hesitate to talk to them, ask them about their lives, look at life thru their eyes, and drink a little Tej (local wine) you will love this country. Abeba Tours will give you a great experience for a very reasonable cost!!!! We did it on the budget level. Let them take care of you and you won’t regret it!! If while traveling and you want to change anything, they will do their best to accommodate you.

Bernie and Christine