Ken Chipeniuk and Debra Graham, Canada

We have just spent 4 amazing weeks touring Ethiopia with the assistance of the folks at Abeba Tours. We travelled parts of the north, east and south, and were extremely pleased with the itinerary recommended to us. Our driver Jonie was wonderfully skilled, professional, personable and helpful. He was always concerned that we were enjoying our trip to the fullest, that our accommodation was acceptable and he was always looking for the best places for us to eat. He even climbed Debre Damo with Ken! It was especially good to know that Jonie had the constant telephone support of the office in Addis Ababa to make sure our trip went smoothly. We especially appreciated the visits arranged for us to villages in the south. It was so amazing to spend time with a Hamar mother in her house drinking tea and talking about her family and her life. Our only regret was not having more time for more Ethiopia explorations. We whole heartedly recommend Abeba Tours.