Scott Jablow, USA

I used Abeba Tours for a two day trip to Awash National Park. Overall I had a great time and recommend using Abeba Tours. We were picked up promptly at our hotel by our driver Abay. Looking back, I consider myself lucky to have Abay as our driver. To begin with his English was spot-on, he was knowledgeable of the area we traveled to and maybe most importantly, he was a good driver.

I really cannot stress how important having a good driver was. The urban and rural roads in Ethiopia are quite dangerous and I saw numerous severe accidents along the highway to Awash. In addition, the car we were in was a 2010 Toyota Land Cruiser. I didn’t see any other tour company’s trucks on the road that rivaled Abeba’s, outfitted with extra gas & a winch for deep off-road activity.

Along the trip we stopped for lunch in a couple of different cities. Abay was very helpful in ordering us food and teaching us Ethiopian eating customs. After the trip was over we were taken back to the offices of Abeba Tours for final payment. We were treated very warmly and discussed our trip with the owners and staff over a cup of coffee. I look forward to hopefully returning and taking a much longer trip.