Western Ethiopia

Lake Wenchi

Lake Wenchi is a peaceful place, not very far from Addis Ababa. This lake, set in a crater, is home to an island monastery like those on Lake Tana. The difference? Not nearly as many visitors so that you may feel as if you’re discovering this place for the first time. A hike on the crater rim provides commanding views of the lake and the surrounding areas. Visits to the region are organized by the community, so your visits directly impact the locals.

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Donga Stick Fighting

One of the main Surma / Suri customs is stick fighting. This ritual and sport is called Donga or Sagenai (Saginay). Donga is both the name of the sport and the stick, whereas sagenai is the name of the stick-fighting session. Stick fighting is central in Suri culture. In most cases, stick fighting is a way for warriors to find girlfriends, it can also be a way to settle conflicts.